Texas Medal of Arts Awards Ceremony and more

9:21 pm Feb. 26, 2015

By now, Austin has learned how to stage a big, slick awards show jammed with glamour. The Austin Film Society has been doing it for ages with the Texas Film Awards. More recently, the Texas Cultural Trust has reliably matched its

Human Rights Campaign Austin Gala and Marriage Equality

2:25 pm Feb. 22, 2015

Next year, the frontrunners for the Bettie Naylor Visibility Awards, given out by the Human Rights Campaign, will likely be Sarah Goodfriend and her wife, Suzanne Bryant. Last week, Texas granted its first and — so

The Last of the Winter Reading Weeks

2:34 pm Feb. 21, 2015

Regular readers of this column are familiar with the term “Reading Week.”

It is derived from the icy “Reading Weekend” dramatized in Iris Murdoch‘s novel “The Book and the Brotherhood.”

Twice a year, we gather friends at remote spots with

Tracking the spring social season in Austin’s arts

6:28 pm Feb. 9, 2015

The spring social season in the arts tracks those in sports, schools, charities and festivals. In other words, it cranks up at the end of February, gathers strength in March and April, then sputters out by the

Power of the Purse Luncheon and Philanthropy Day Luncheon

11:30 am Feb. 6, 2015

CHARITY: In the past, charity luncheons provided a safe option for Austin nonprofit leaders. Maybe a dozen such events were spread out over the fall and spring social seasons, so not much competition. Lunches are less expensive to