Photo Call for ‘Mad Men, Austin-Style’

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B-875ILVAAARdMQOn Feb. 28, 2015, I posted this photo of passengers deplaning at Old Mueller Airport. I noted that it looked “very Mad Men.” Especially the guy posing on the upper deck and the woman clutching the purse.

Inspired by this image, we are collecting thematic photos from that period in Austin for a story to run on the date of the finale, May 17. Send images from Austin in the 1960s to

Here’s my list:

1. A building from the era, like the American National Bank, now beautifully restored (done).
2. A group of men in hats.
3. A typical display ad from the period, which should be easy, since that new ProQuest searchable database of the Statesman takes you to ads as well.
3. Someone smoking a cigarette.
4. Someone drinking a martini.
5. A high-fashion housewife.
6. A young female executive.
7. An actress or model in late 60s Mod.
8. Ooo … maybe Top Notch hamburger stand, since they represented Burger Chef (done).
9. A car from the period, parked somewhere in Austin. Which line do they represent?
10. Well dressed children from the period.

Am I missing something?

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