Best Texas Rivers: Paluxy River

5:02 pm Dec. 30, 2015

We had stumbled on the Paluxy River on a previous trip.

The main attraction back then was Dinosaur Valley State Park, where one can, when the water is low, see distinct tracks made millions of years

Best Texas Rivers: Nolan River

6:47 pm Dec. 28, 2015

The Nolan River is a mere 27 miles long. Yet it forms all or part of two lakes. And it helps turn the Brazos River from a West Texas waterway into a broader presence on

Best Texas Rivers: Pease River

6:09 pm Dec. 27, 2015

We had never heard of the Pease River.

Even after researching the 50 Texas rivers we wanted to trace, Joe Starr and I scratched our heads when we stumbled on this waterway that stretches from just

Best Texas Rivers: Forks of the Brazos

5:01 pm Dec. 26, 2015

Me: What’s that double mountain over there?

Joe: Double Mountain.

Me: Oh.

Joe: As in the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River.

During a previous trip, we had traced the mighty Brazos from its double mouths near Freeport

Best Texas Rivers: Canadian River

5:29 pm Dec. 23, 2015

Our plans changed quickly. Jagged winter rain cut off our initial contacts with the Pease River, the first of 11 West Texas waterways that we had intended to trace on this 8-day trip. By the time we

Texas River Tracing: 50 Trips by Car and on Foot

7:16 am Dec. 13, 2015

A short note today.

Joe Starr and I are headed back to Texas rivers for 10 days. We plan to trace some relatively short West Texas waterways from the sources to their mouths. We begin later today