Letter from Surfside Beach

4:18 pm Jan. 30, 2016

Since 1963, we’ve spent time each year at Surfside Beach, Texas. From 1994 to 2015 — that’s 22 years! — we also hosted an epic annual party there called the Winter Reading Week. This year, Kip

Matthews & Metz at 100

6:28 pm Jan. 13, 2016

Rounding out our reports on Austin gems that celebrated their centennials this week, Matthews and Metz elementary schools proved that too much of a good thing is still a good thing.

The crowds for their joint birthday parties at

LBJ Letter to Coretta Scott King

2:30 pm Jan. 13, 2016

In a letter that reveals his warmth and solicitude, President Lyndon Baines Johnson wrote to recently widowed Coretta Scott King about her grief and the grief of a nation.

In the note dated April 5, 1968, Johnson writes, “We will overcome

Shudde Fath’s 100th Birthday Party

3:54 pm Jan. 12, 2016

“If you dropped a bomb on this place,” said Travis County Commissioner Brigid Shea, “you’d wipe out the entire progressive movement in Austin.

Political fire, college spirit and fond regards for civic activist Shudde Fath warmed her 100th birthday