Kay Gooch champions Read-a-Thon

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Three fifth-grade boys battled to read the most pages.

“You just knew they were competing,” says Kay Gooch, Gullett Elementary School’s star librarian. “And they knew they were competing. But nobody said anything.”

“He read the entire ‘Divergent’ series,” Gooch says with a chuckle. “All 1,888 (pages). On a snow day, instead of playing in the snow, he hunkered down and read six hours straight.”

Gooch, 61, knows how to light the literary flame for young folks. Part of the former IBM systems engineer’s strategy is to keep things light. Not the forced kind of frolicking that involves adults trying to think, talk and act like children, but rather a natural affinity for the upside of life.

A big reader herself, she looks forward to the return of BookSpring’s Read-a-Thon (bookspring.org) to area schools, from Jan. 25 to Feb. 5.

“Half of what I do is theater,” she says. “I don’t think you should do anything if it’s not fun.”

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