Austin Food + Wine Festival Kick-Off

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The fifth annual Kick-Off for the Austin Food + Wine Festival served several purposes. It promoted the fact that tickets for the fest, coming April 22-24, are now available. The tasty event also re-introduces the food press to the festival organizers and a few chefs, including charismatic Fort Worth-based Tim Love.

IMG_1695Additionally, it attracts some pretty people, who always seem to show up at Austin events these days, no matter their roles.

Also to the point, the Kick-Off showcases some food and drink. In this case, the host eatery, Love’s Lonesome Dove at Colorado and West Fifth Streets, did itself proud with richly stuffed crab and onionskin-thin charcuterie slices.


Catherine and Shane Stiles

I caught up with food writer Mike Sutter of Fed Man Walking and got to know Catherine and Shane Stiles of much-admired Stiles Switch BBQ, as well as Carmen Valera, Diane Vasquez-Valera and Juan Valera of Tamale House. (Juan actually works for TxDot.)

My newsroom colleague Addie Broyles has already profiled the Tamale House family, or I’d jump right on it. Instead, Peruvian-born-and-reared Juan and I plan to meet to chat about his lifelong interest in Latin American cuisine. Story or no story.

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