Looking for Fords on the Colorado

2:29 pm Feb. 28, 2016

Quite the little group of volunteer history buffs gathered on the south banks of Lady Bird Lake at 9 a.m. The party of nine included a retired judge, an archeologist, an archivist and — to his total delight

Austin: One Ask, One Tell

3:09 pm Feb. 27, 2016

So during the Wonders & Worries Unmasked banquet last night at the JW Marriott, we tried something new.

Let’s call it: Austin: One Ask, One Tell.

We asked a few people to participate in this Periscope experiment and finally

Best Texas rivers: San Saba River

5:31 pm Feb. 26, 2016

SAN SABA — This is Tommy Lee Jones country. It’s also, in a sense, “No Country for Old Men” country.

Not that the desolation of Cormac McCarthy‘s West Texas border novel echoes the soft, well-watered hills and vales of

The Return of the Wren Cottage Feast

4:13 pm Feb. 22, 2016

Like our Spice Boys and Triple Cone of Silence series of dinner parties — along with the Winter Beach Reading Week and Summer Mountain Reading Week — the Wren Cottage Feast is among the most cherished Keller-Barnes social traditions.

As with all traditions, they go