Upbring Red Ball

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Now that’s what I call rebranding: The former Lutheran Social Services of Texas is now Upbring. For more than 100 years, the charity battled the abuse and neglect of children, especially through adoption and foster care. It now helps a wide range of young people with issues of safety, education, vocation and life skills.

fair_market_home To go with the new image, they threw a benefit at the always stylish Fair Market  to raise some $100,000 for their ongoing efforts. Some old-school benefactors attended, but also a younger crowd that probably would not have been drawn to LSS before.

I sat at a table of extremely bright conversationists and heard from the stage, not only from Upbring’s energetic leadership, but from also two young people whose redemption stories are exactly what makes people support groups like this.

Huzzah for re-thinking and re-branding a veteran NGO!


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