1970s Austin No. 8: An environmentalist chimes in

We asked thoughtful locals why the 1970s left such a lasting imprint on Austin. We received many provocative answers, which we’ll share here first. 

Feel free to send yours to mbarnes@statesman.com.

Rick Lowerre, Environmental attorney and activist

I have an opinion.  There was a great deal of excitement in the 1970s – that we could make a difference and enjoy life at the same time.  It was an feeling in Austin that did not exist in Dallas Houston and most other cities – with the possible exception of Berkeley or Boulder.
That idea seemed to grab many of us, and many of us who were grabbed stayed around and kept the hope alive. This feeling also attracted many others. And of course the music and the muscisians helped.  It snowballed.
I am worried now, however, that there are other driving forces that will overwhelm  that 70’s excitement and identity.


1970s Austin: No. 1 Elizabeth Christian
1970s Austin: No. 2 Forrest Preece
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1970s Austin No. 7: Fern Santini

Author: Michael Barnes

Michael Barnes writes about Austin's people, places, culture and history for the Austin American-Statesman and austin360.com.

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