Col. and Mrs. Dick Rathgeber and the Big Reveal

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Dick and Sarah Rathgeber with Ben Barnes at Manos de Cristo's the Big Reveal.

Businessman and philanthropist Dick Rathgeber, recently made an honorary colonel in the Salvation Army: “Ben, I expect to see you at the Manos de Cristo dinner.”

Power broker and former Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes: “Well, Dick, you know …

“I tell you what, Ben, I’ve been to 36 of your events.”

“I hear you, Dick. But I come with an expiration date. Your 36 events better come pretty soon.”


Dick and Sara Rathgeber with Ben Barnes at Manos de Cristo’s the Big Reveal.

This conversational reconstruction is completely speculative, based on the joshing versions each of the consequential men gave to me prior to the Big Reveal, surely the biggest event yet for Manos de Cristo, which provides dental care, language classes and other services for those in need.

Inside the ACL Live hall, we sat at the Julie Martinez Ballesteros table with media guide Ron Oliveira and a brace of folks I’d like to profile. The standard gala tropes galloped by, but what was the Big Reveal?

Executive director Martinez Ballesteros whispered to me: “The Rathgebers are going to forgive our $312,000 mortgage!”

Dick and Sara Rathgeber — the white knights again.

Update: In an earlier version of this post, Sara Rathgeber’s name was misspelled.

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