Austin Girl Scouts Women of Distinction

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Danae Rawlinson and Earind Jackson at Women of Distinction for Girl Scouts. 

Since 1997, Girls Scouts of Central Texas has honored more than 140 Women of Distinction, as well as eight Workplaces of Distinction.


Danae Rawlinson and Earind Jackson at Women of Distinction for Girl Scouts.


The extremely helpful printed program for the Girl Scout group’s annual luncheon at the AT&T Center listed all the honorees. By my count, I’ve written about more than 50 of the honorees. That leaves me plenty of work to do.

This year’s winners are all familiar to me, some more than others. They include real estate captain Emily Moreland, tech leader Jan Ryan, arts icon Jane Sibley, journalist and manager Patti Smith, and Longhorns athletic director Christine Plonsky. The workplace honoree was Wells Fargo.

Beginning with a color guard in parade, this luncheon is deliciously ceremonial. Also, little nuggets of facts spill from the dais, including the high percentage of Girls Scouts in the U.S. Congress. (One low number for charitable giving aimed at children and women sounds suspect. Always depends on how you count it.

One regular highlight is the Girl Speaker, this year an astoundingly well-spoken Gold Award Recipient, who belongs to a troop of girls whose mothers are behind bars. Her name was not spelled in the program, so I won’t attempt it here, but she’s already working on sustainable building projects and urban vegetable gardens. She wants to be an engineer or an architect. I’m fairly certain she will reach whatever goal that she envisions.

I sat next to cheerful board chair Beth K. Thorson, who filled me in on the few things the printed program and the speakers omitted.

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