Blue Lapis Light Lunch delights at Chez Zee

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Jordan Hill and Gina Hill at Blue Lapis Light Lunch.

It’s always gratifying to see a benefit ideally matched to its cause.

Such is the case with the Blue Lapis Light Lunch for Blue Lapis Light at Chez Zee.


Jordan Hill and Gina Hill at Blue Lapis Light Lunch.

More than 50 lunchers soaked up the springtime decor and eats in the cozy banquet room as they chatted about everything under the sun. I was seated with author Sarah Bird (“A Love Letter to Texas Women”), consultant and journalist Khotan Shahbazi Harmon, lawyer and environmental activist Melanie Barnes (Waller Creek Conservancy), tech developer Michael Esposito (Blue Moon Software) and environmental strategist Melita Elmore (BSI).

So you can imagine the range and quality of the exchanges. Yet all eyes and ears were on Blue Lapis prophet Sally Jacques when she described the aesthetic and spiritual goals and deeds of her esteemed aerial dance company. Then, of course, came the eye-popping video of their high-flying exploits, which sealed the deal for the assembled backers.

Note of approval: The simple vertical card that showed the menu on one side and the pledge outreach info on the back.

Update: In a previous version of this post,  Khotan Shahbazi Harmon’s name was misspelled.

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