Finding Innovation at the Future of Care Luncheon

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Kristi Henderson and Griffin Mulcahey at Seton's Future of Care Luncheon.

Want a peek into the future? Attend Seton’s Future of Care Luncheon next year.

It’s here, years ago, that I first learned about the new University of Texas Dell Medical School and its partner, the Dell Seton Medical Center. It’s also at this lunch for civic and business leaders that I first heard about the integrated care model envisioned by Central Health and its partners, a medical path that some believe will be a blueprint for the rest of the country, if not the world.


Kristi Henderson and Griffin Mulcahey at Seton’s Future of Care Luncheon.

This time, I picked up futuristic clues from the finalists among 85 companies that competed in the first-ever Innovation Awards. As the super-sharp Kristi Henderson explained, this time the competition focused on links: distance care, cloud-stored medical records, a patient’s connected communities and so forth. Mind blowing stuff!

I also viewed a glossy video on preparations for mass trauma at the new teaching hospital, efforts headed by four battle-tested surgeons gathered there, along with top talents who have left their previous homes and jobs to join the Austin experiment.

Finally, emcee Pete Winstead, chairman of the medical center’s capital campaign and a veteran of past superhuman civic efforts, convinced me that Austin is going to be a life science center in the way of San Diego, Boston and other cities.

So add to a high-tech economy, manifold cultural activity, a quest for sustainability and widespread start-up capacity, another signature Austin theme.

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