Jackie Huba: Austin’s female drag queen

10:19 am Aug. 24, 2016

Austin author and motivational speaker Jackie Huba is the first woman to give a TED Talk as a female drag queen, appearing as her drag persona, Lady Trinity. She’s set to perform at the

Best Texas books: Who is Homer Thornberry?

3:14 pm Aug. 21, 2016

“Homer Thornberry: Congressman, Judge and Advocate for Equal Rights.” Homer Ross Tomlin. TCU Press. Sandwiched between Lyndon Baines Johnson and J.J. “Jake” Pickle, Austin’s U.S. Congressman was Homer Thornberry, whose full story begged to be told.

Three ultra-bright Austin social affairs

6:37 pm Aug. 19, 2016

So great to chat with sculptor Dana Younger, whose career I’ve followed for more than 20 years, since he was a member of the utterly charming Troupe Texas, which unfortunately expired in 1995. In most minds, however, he is

Absolute peace and quiet in Bosque County

9:11 am Aug. 13, 2016

“Nobody’s heard of us,” quips the lady at the Bosque Collection, an historical archive located on the courthouse square in Meridian. “They say: Where?”

Few in Austin knew anything about our intended summer retreat. Exceptions: Those who had lived in