100 cheers for a South Austin centenarian

On Monday, June 19, folks will gather at Élan South Park Meadows to toast Reuel John Perdue Cron, who turns 100.


Reuel John Perdue Cron at his Élan South Park Meadows home where he is very much into exercise and physical fitness. Contributed

“Reuel says he enjoys meeting new people,” says Ann Kolacki, community relations counselor at the assisted living home, “because most people never get to meet someone 100 years old.”


Reuel John Purdue Cron as a younger man, probably the 1940s. Contributed

Cron lived in Austin from 1965-1971 and again 2001-present. Most of the rest of his life was spent in New Orleans. He served in the Army as a Master Sargeant in the Pacific Theater during World War II and is retired from the Internal Revenue Service. He also worked for the Jefferson Parish Water Board in New Orleans.

“He is very much into exercise and physical fitness,” Kolacki says, “and his favorite song is Willie Nelson‘s “ON the Road Again.”

The secret to his longevity: “Education, observation and moderation!”


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If you can’t go to Cron’s party, send him a card via:

Ann Kolacki/Reuel
Elan Southpark Meadows
9320 Alice Mae Lane
Austin, TX  78748

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