Early look: Cole Dabney’s first Austin country video

11:50 am Jun. 21, 2016

Our dear friend Cole Dabney — once an Austin-based film critic and social-media master, now a California-based movie and video maker — returned to his hometown recently to make his first country music video.

Like all his

Best Texas rivers: Red River, Part 2

5:00 pm May. 30, 2016

This report on the Lower Red River — we should probably call it the “Middle” — was originally posted on May 25, 2012. It is the last of the rescued Texas River Tracing posts.

(For a

Best Texas rivers: The Blanco River

10:10 pm May. 22, 2016

At times, it seemed as if the Blanco River — ravaged a year ago in the Memorial Day and All Saints Day floods — didn’t want to be traced.

On the first day’s attempt at a tracing, we

Best Texas rivers: San Gabriel River

6:42 pm May. 22, 2016

We approached the sources–North and South Forks–of the San Gabriel River from the west.

(For a more complete account of “Texas River Tracing: 50 Trips by Car and on Foot,” go to TexasRiverTracing.com.)

The terrain of the Balcones Canyonlands Nature Wildlife

Best Texas rivers: Lampasas River

8:54 pm May. 20, 2016

The recent heavy rains put the Lampasas River at flood stage, and this led to less than ideal viewing. When the water is up to the tree branches, just about every stretch looks the same.

Best Texas rivers: Barton Creek

7:06 pm May. 19, 2016

One day, we traced Barton Creek from Dripping Springs to the greenbelt at Camp Craft Road. The stream was high, swift, emerald and translucent.

The next day, we followed the final mile of the creek, from the

Best Texas rivers: Leon River

11:03 am May. 19, 2016

This will be a short one. Not because the Leon — 185 miles long — is particularly abbreviated. But because our river tracing along the Leon was some 10 years ago. And we hadn’t established a