Best Texas books: Remember Oveta Culp Hobby?

5:54 pm Nov. 7, 2016

In this latest installment of our “Texas Titles” series, we look at a pioneer, a cause, a sport, a feud and a batch of the state’s artists.

“Oveta Culp Hobby: Colonel, Cabinet Member, Philanthropist.” Debra L.

Best Texas books: You can’t miss with Bill Wittliff

5:40 pm Oct. 7, 2016

This week, we’ve got a novel, a true crime tale, an investigative report, a sports chronicle and a family history among the latest Texas titles to cipher.

“The Devil’s Sinkhole.” Bill Wittliff. University of Texas Press.

Best Texas books: What the German Texans left us

11:37 am Sep. 13, 2016

Face facts, it’s still summer, weather-wise in Austin. So let’s look back at some recent Texas titles before rummaging through the fall books.

“The Material Culture of German Texans.” Kenneth Hafertepe. Texas A&M Press. This is

Best Texas books: Who is Homer Thornberry?

3:14 pm Aug. 21, 2016

“Homer Thornberry: Congressman, Judge and Advocate for Equal Rights.” Homer Ross Tomlin. TCU Press. Sandwiched between Lyndon Baines Johnson and J.J. “Jake” Pickle, Austin’s U.S. Congressman was Homer Thornberry, whose full story begged to be told.

Best Texas rivers: Nueces River

5:25 pm Apr. 19, 2016

On a lonely stretch of FM 624 southeast of Cotulla, the Nueces River doesn’t merit a sign. It doesn’t even merit a dry bed. One of the state’s major rivers – once the disputed border

Best Texas rivers: San Saba River

5:31 pm Feb. 26, 2016

SAN SABA — This is Tommy Lee Jones country. It’s also, in a sense, “No Country for Old Men” country.

Not that the desolation of Cormac McCarthy‘s West Texas border novel echoes the soft, well-watered hills and vales of