Best Texas books: Picture the Rio Grande

3:19 pm Nov. 12, 2016

This week in “Texas Titles,” we follow a riverine journey, a myth busting gang, the career of a Texas historian, a ship named “Texas” and a Texas modern artist finally receiving her due.

“Río: A Photographic Journey down

Best Texas rivers: Navasota River

5:15 pm Oct. 2, 2016

We first did the Navasota River by canoe. A blue, plastic canoe. We embarked below the dam at Lake Mexia, navigated several weirs, explored the elaborate Confederate Reunion Grounds, then disembarked at Fort Parker Lake (also known as

Best Texas rivers: Buffalo Bayou, Part 1

11:22 am Sep. 17, 2016

Some readers might ask why we have included a bayou in our quest to trace 50 Texas rivers. Actually, it’s our second one. Years ago, we traced Bastrop Bayou in the tidelands of Brazoria County.


Absolute peace and quiet in Bosque County

9:11 am Aug. 13, 2016

“Nobody’s heard of us,” quips the lady at the Bosque Collection, an historical archive located on the courthouse square in Meridian. “They say: Where?”

Few in Austin knew anything about our intended summer retreat. Exceptions: Those who had lived in